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In–Home Therapy

Providing Physical Therapy to you, wherever you are.

Horizon now provides in–home therapy to improve the function and wellness of your patients. Our physical therapists help rehabilitate and restore them to daily life and activity, and it's all done from the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Limitations in daily self–care

Recovery after hospitalization

Orthopedic injuries

Stroke or cardiac recovery

Chronic illnesses

In the comfort of your home

We teach customized skills and exercises needed to maintain or regain the strength, independence, and confidence need to improve your quality of living.

For Seniors

Identifying your needs and providing specific strategies to help your recover in the convenience of your home.

For Athletes

We can work with you on the field and at practice to ensure the safest, quickest and effective way to return to play.

For Employers

We can treat on site and reduce down time of your employees.

For Parents

No need to rearrange your already busy schedule when we can come to you.

First Visit Explained

We breakdown your first therapy session at Horizon.

In–Market Plans

Verify your insurance plan is covered

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