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Performance Improvement

One of the three pillars of our services at Horizon Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, performance improvement will help you learn how to condition your body to optimal levels.

At Horizon, we identify and address areas of weakness, imbalance, and restriction specific to the athlete's sport-related needs. This approach reduces the chance of injury and enhances your patients' opportunity for success. This allows the athlete to unleash his or her full potential and take on the competition with complete confidence.

Video enhanced running analysis

Sports metric ACL Injury Prevention Program

Golf Performance Center

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Golf Performance Center

Golf Rehab & Fitness

The Horizon Golf Performance Center is a year-round training facility with certified therapists here to assist you with your enjoyment and success with your golf game. The center takes and expert and tested approach to help you improve your golf game and well-being by analyzing your body, its limitations and its strengths. Then a detailed, specific plan can be devised to assist you in restoring or improving your ability to participate in the game you love.

How we do it

After an interview where you highlight your specific concerns or needs, our therapists will perform a comprehensive, golf –specific , physical evaluation to highlight areas in need of attention. We then will offer Golf-specific exercise instruction custom designed for your situation. Follow up performance enhancement sessions are provided based off of need. Further more, taking these services to the course or range is available to ensure a smooth transition to implementing these new or re-tooled skills.

Tim Dorion, PT

Meet Tim Dorion, PT, DPT

Tim Dorion has been practicing Physical Therapy and exercise physiology for over 20 years. He earned his Bachelor of Science in sports medicine and his masters in exercise physiology (MS) from Florida State University. He received his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy (MPT) at the University of St. Augustine-Health Sciences. Tim is recognized as a certified golf fitness/medical professional by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Sports Metrics

The sports metric ACL injury prevention program at Horizon Rehabilitation is a 6 week jump training program proven to reduce the risk of an ACL related injury.

The statistics on ACL injuries in high school and college age athletes is significant and staggering. Locally, we have seen a significant number of our youth suffer this severe, career altering injury. We are not alone, approximately 150,000 ACL injuries occur each year with female athletes suffering a 2-8x higher number of tears than their male counterparts.

ACL Injury Prevention Program

Due to the high number of ACL related injuries our athletes are suffering in addition to the high cost both physically and emotionally this injury can inflict to our athletes; Horizon Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine sought to deliver a solution and we found it with an ACL injury prevention program.

Horizon Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is always available to come educate your coaches and athletes on the implementation of this program.

Running Analysis

Prevent or recover from injury with our video running analysis services. Correct biomechanical issues now and cross the finish line injury free!

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